IPTA – Connect yourself to Europe III

Erasmus+ 2019/20

Publication of Results

IPTA - Connect to Europe IV project, pre-registration is now open for applications for mobility grants in Prague [Czech Republic] and Italy.You can download the form and send it to the project's email address [iptarançaa@gmail.com] together with the documents indicated in the publication brochure.We expect your participation!Good Luck! 🙂

 A closing and opening session of the Erasmus+ IPTA projects - Connect to Europe III and IV, respectively, took place on the 23rd. Ex-participants shared some of their experiences and received their certificates by the hands of Professor Rui Novo and it happened the formal opening of the IPTA - Connect with Europe IV project. Students and some teachers were there, we presented the project, specifically its goals and objectives and we provided information and guidance to the finalists of Computer Equipment Management, Multimedia and Sound courses.Some moments are recorded.Thank you all for participating.