IPTA – Instituto Profissional de Tecnologias Avançadas

IPTA – Instituto Profissional de Tecnologias Avançadas aims to develop quality professional education in the area of Information and Communication Technologies. This courses tutored at IPTA, grant an EU Level IV Qualification Diploma and a Secondary Certificate equivalent to the 12th year of Education, allowing the continuation of training in Higher Education.

IPTA maintains close relations with a lot of companies and institutions, promoting high quality education. It has a teaching team characterized by great dedication, technical-scientific knowledge and proven experience, thus improving students' learning. On the other hand, it offers other advantages such as location, updated equipment, support for professional integration as well as a welcoming and humane environment.

 Our academic dimension is complemented by a strong investment in developing students' employability skills, either through professional internships, visits to companies, seminars with specialized technicians to share experiences, or through the actions carried out by the Monitoring Office and Guidance:

  • Professional information and guidance

  • Active job search skills

  • Distribution of internship programs

  • Employment and training

  • Development of employment networks

This ensures the conditions for a successful transition to the work field.

IPTA comprises the following bodies:

  • Direction

  • Advisory Council

  • Administrative-Financial Department

  • Technical-Pedagogical Department

  • Technical advisor

  • Pedagogical Council

  • Course Coordinators

  • Class Councils

  • Educational Advisors

  • Psychopedagogical Service